Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Bingo

*** Wow... I had more requests than expected... so if you have not received your bingo cards yet... please leave me a "reminder" and I will get it out to you ***

I thought I might post this fun Bingo game that I made for my son, Josh, back when he was just a young boy... now is is 23... where or where did the time go.  It is still one of our favorite holiday traditions (only a game or two each year instead of every night) but someday Josh will be able to play this holiday tradition with his kids.  

I photocopied each of the pages...there are 10 different cards... 2 of each style and the game pieces on to cardstock.  I used colored pencils and colored each of the bingo cards.  On the outside I did use markers to make the heavy line and make the design stand out and trimmed off the excess cardstock. Then back to Kinkos to get them laminated.  Generally we always used plain M&M's for our called out game pieces... but kisses or buttons will work too!

I have"googled" and searched on Deseret Book and I can't find where the bingo books are still available.  So if you would like to have a set e-mailed to you... please let me know.
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