Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dad's #1 Cowboy Fan Stick

 The front and back of stick...

 My Uncle Ace ~ My Daddy ~ My Uncle Darrell
Our first Memorial Day without my daddy...
With the kick off for the first game of the season just a few hours away... I find my heart is excited for the kickoff... but saddened that my daddy won't be here with us to cheer them on! My dad passed away in February and I miss him every day! 
 I made this stick for Memorial Day for him. The front has #1 Fan that I painted in Cowboys blue and then used some silver metallic chalk around the edges. Our family wears jerseys every game that is why I had the #82 ~ #88 ~ #9 ~ #19 and #94 on the stick to represent each one of us.  I used the stick to hold a picture of my dad and Josh we had taken 2 years before... I first put it in a heavy sheet protector and then taped the back down so the water from the sprinklers wouldn't get it wet. Then weaved the stick in the holes to hold it up. I also added a ribbon that is not in the pictures...
Here's to a new season for the Cowboys... and a new season for my family I know my dad's going to be watching... and cheering right along with us... cussing out Romo for turning sideways when he throws... Witten dropping his passes or getting upset with the O-line for their penalties. Cowboys let's make this an awesome season and head to the Superbowl!
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