Saturday, July 12, 2014

Magic Mesh Wood Carrot...

I LOVE Magic Mesh... I just haven't used it in forever!  But that's what is so awesome when you have a room full of craft supplies... you can dig some of those old "favorites" out an use them in different ways.  I'm not a big fan of orange... so I decided to soften the color a bit. I painted the carrots orange the covered them with Magic Mesh... on the top carrot I used a dark orange ink and on the back carrot I used the white ink. I just kept stamping until I had the look that I wanted. On the top carrot it was hard to see the lines so after it dried I went back over the top with a little of the white ink...I love how the orange and white looked. I couldn't find any "greenery" I liked for the tops... so I cut 2 green pipe cleaners into 3 even sections and curled them around a pen and then glued them into the hole on the end of the carrot. I cut the "Bunny Treats" from my Cameo with white vinyl.
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