Monday, September 11, 2017

"Old School" Dallas Cowboys Truck

 I'm guessing if you have followed my blog at all you know that I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan.
I so love when football season kicks off and this year was no different.
I have looked at the "old school" trucks at The Wood Connection and I have
loved them from day one.  They have a truck for every season but
football so I decided to create my own.
Above is the finished project... my son, Josh, loves the Cowboys even more than I do
and we both loved the Thanksgiving uniforms of the blue/white jerseys with the single
blue star on each shoulder and the white helmet with the solid blue star on the side and
2 solid blue "racing stripes" on the helmet ... just like the one here with Tony Romo.
This is a mailbox I did several years ago that was like our favorite helmet...
I painted the whole truck white including the "extra side piece" ... I kept doing back to the
picture and decided I would paint the "fenders" Cowboy blue to add some color to it.
I then decided that I wanted to add some texture since it was so "flat". I had some 
Silver Glitter Blast spray paint from several years ago... so I sprayed the side pieces with
the glitter spray... at first it started to come out "blobby" so I thought for sure I would
be sanding everything down and starting over again.  After it dried, I decided that
I really like the look... it's an "old school" truck so it's bound to have some blemishes.
I had some blue with silver stars washi tape that I have been holding on to for
the "perfect" project and this one was it... just to give it some personality
I had some blue stars I used as the hub cap center and
I added two silver sparkly enamel dots for headlights...
 and... 2 red sparkly enamel dots for the taillights.
Since there was a spot for a "license plate" I added
a "#4" to Josh's and my Uncle Darrell's and
did a "#82" for mine.
 I used my Cameo to cut the star and my Quickutz for the numbers!
It was a fun project ... hopefully this little truck with bring us some good luck!
and... Happy Crafting!

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