Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day Magnets

I have been blessed with amazing friends
Who have held my hand - given me encouragement -
and got me through the good and the tough times!

I have been blessed with special aunts
who have taught me by example - who have helped mold
me into the mom - daughter and friend I am today!

I wanted to make something fun that when they saw it -
they would remember just how much they are loved!

I cut out a circle with dotted pattern paper - Modge Podged it to the marble. Let dry. Use E-6000 glue and smear it on the back of the marble and adhere it to the top of the flower. Let dry. Then I smeared more E-6000 glue to a large magnet and stuck it on the back of the Bazzill flower - let dry. I found a cute poem - printed it onto cardstock - trimmed with decorative punch. I then put the flower in the bottom of a regular white lunch sack - folded down the top - punched holes through the sack and the poem - tied with some speckled pink yard... and...

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