Monday, December 20, 2010


 The NEW Board...

Up close...
Christmasary...Vicki Style!

As promised... here it is....Christmasary!  (can you hear the drum roll)? Back some 20 + years ago... we used to play Pictionary all the time.  I'm not artistic in any way... but I still enjoyed playing.  I decided it would be fun to come up with a Christmas version (hence the name... Christmasary). I made cards (you can tell the top 3 cards were typed on a typewriter and then copied onto cardstock that's how old they are!)  I did the same 5 colors... as in Pictionary and did the " * " for all plays.  I did make a few changes... here is how I did it.

Yellow - Person - place or animal
Blue - Objects found around the holidays
Orange - Food that we eat around the holidays
Green - Difficult (yes... some of them are really hard!)
Pink - Christmas carol - You think you know them all... but try to draw them

We have always played on the Pictionary board... but this year I wanted to make a board that would be just for Christmasary.  I painted a wood board black... and used my Silhouette to cut all of the stars - snowflakes - gingerbread men - trees and ornaments out of vinyl . I made a "start" and "finish" and also the name of the game... Christmasary! Put a top coat of sealer over the board and vinyl and viola....our new game board!  For markers... we used peanut better cups!

We have found that with the "younger" generation... they don't know who Bing Crosby, Johnny Mathis, Currier & Ives - or what bubble lights are so Josh and I will be making a new set after the holidays... for next year. We need to update a few new ideas... and change a few of them that everyone gets cranky trying to draw...  like Fall Softly Snow. Let me know if you are interested and I will e-mail you the new cards when we are finished making them...
Or you can play... Win - Lose or Draw... I have printed out 150 Christmas "things" on cardstock (above) and it can be done on a dry erase board or just like Christmasary with teams using the board but everyone plays each time.

Traditions are so important... this one is has been in our family for 20+ years... and now that Kendra (Josh's girlfriend) loves playing it... I think it will stay a tradition! I may even have to make a few of these to give away for gifts next year! Merry Christmas!
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