Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow... Snow...Snow

My mom and I went to Salt Lake a few weeks back and she found these cute plates at Tai Pan...so we decided we could "vinyl them up" and they would be super cute.  I finally had some time to get them done for her. I used my Silhouette and cut out the snowflake and snow and the cut the snowman out and layered the vinyl. All I can say is... it's a good thing my dad doesn't read my blog... SNOW is considered a 4 letter word in his "book"... so after the holidays my mom will put these cute plates in her plate rack for my dad to have a perfect view every time he is in the kitchen... any bets he takes these plates and hides them?  We were thinking of him... the snowman is in Dallas Cowboy colors... with a gray and blue hat and scarf.  I tried to talk my mom into letting me put a little star on the rim of the hat... she was totally against it... Maybe I will have to make one and make him a "true" Cowboy dude.  I did add some orange Stickles to the nose and his eyes are black "bling" but I added some crystal Stickles to make them shine... it's hard to tell in this picture...but it added a lot to the snowman.
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