Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentine Epson Salts...

 Acrylic paint - an empty Cool-whip container and
some Epson Salts...put the lid on and shake away...
just add more color if you want it darker
 Modge Podge the outside... roll in the newly colors salts
 The color was super pretty...
 Here it is lit... Still looking pretty...
First I glued a candle stick to the bottom of a vase...
I put the candle in the middle and poured alternating
colored salts with the plain salts.
Then added a XOXO black ribbon (since I love black!)
This one I sprayed painted the base with red spray paint... 
before gluing on the top... really like the red look!
I then added a washer type metal piece along with
a charm and attached them both with a red ribbon.
 Cheap white rocks
The middle candle was glass with a candle on the inside.
So I rolled the glass in salts then added the rock to the
bottom to add some height and tied a bow
with another pretty ribbon.
 I never thought I would like this red sparkly stuff...
but I DO! It just adds a pop that I really like.
A few left over rocks... and another XOXO ribbon
I had these old shinny hearts for years and finally decided
to do something with them. Since I won't be getting
flower for Valentines this year... I thought these would work!
The white balls are some I bought with Christmas stuff.
I love the saying... hugs and kisses and say it to Josh on a 
daily I used that ribbon around the outside.

My feelings on the Epson Salts are still "out".  I loved the look when it was first done... it looked like it was really frosted... however, after they thoroughly dried... not so much they left a mess wherever you put the vase and it really looked yucky on the big red candle I had done... I hated it so much I ended up washing it all off.  That is the good thing... it washes right off!  I loved the look of it in the vase that I alternated the colors... but the top layer... which is red... is now fading... kinda strange... but it is now a very light red instead of the darker.  I have also taken the salts off of the candlestick that I painted with red... it looks tons better too!  Maybe at Christmas time this would be pretty...maybe...


Stef said...

What a fun vase! I am really impressed with all the options you gave yourself. I found you through Mormon Moms who Blog!

Lyndsey said...

This is a really cute idea!! I love the way it looks on the candle holder

Stef said...

I love all your Valentines ideas!

ButterYum said...

What a cute idea. You know you can do the same thing with powdered food color and sugar :).

Hope you have a great weekend, Vicki.


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate that you explained at the end of the blog what the epsom salts looked like after some time had passed. That was refreshingly honest!!! Thanks so much!!!