Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Little About Vicki...

Hi there! Since the Idea Room is have a link party on "getting to know you"... I thought I would jump in too!  As many of you know, my name is Vicki... but my dad wanted to name me Ninamay... since I was born on May 9th... that way he would never forget my birthday! I'm pretty sure he was teasing about that... but you never know! I'm an only child... not that my parents didn't want more kids... but medical challenges prevented them from having more.  I always teased that once they had me... they broke the mold... for good or bad!

My dad loved all things sports... I grew up being a camper... fishergirl... wanna be pheasant finder and football enthusiast. There is where my love of  the game came from and anything my dad did... I was right behind.  I was never a girly girl... I was a tomboy!  When I was in grade school and my mom made me wear a dress... I always had to wear shorts underneath... I loved PE time and hanging from the jungle gym  or playing tetherball was my favorite!

As I got older my Grandma Johnson taught me to crochet and I took a cake decorating class.  Then a few years later it was painting ceramics, cross-stitching., scrapbooking and card making, wood painting and just about any other "craft" I can try...  I still love doing those crafts.. (okay... maybe not the cake decorating one... it's too much work... and I never was really good at it... but I really admire the ones who have that talent!)

I've been married twice... Once when I was 20.  Randy and I were married for 3.5 years... we had a beautiful son, Joshua, and I became a domestic violence survivor! I married again when I was 40. Val and I met and 4 months later we were married... fast forward 6 years later... divorced. I still believe in love and hope that one day I will find that one special man that wants to grow old together!

I'm now 46.5 (do we still use halves when you get to be a dinosaur?).  I worked as a loan officer at a finance company for 17 years... then my conscience got the best of me (my Grandpa Larsen used to call me a loan shark) quit there and started as a bookkeeper at  the local newspaper a few years later I became a Classified Ad-Visor and 2 years later the Classified Advertising Manager. I love my job (most days)!  I can't wait until I turn 50... I get new knees!

Josh is now 23.5 and is attending Utah State University... he wants to be a broadcaster journalist... that job will be perfect for him!  When he was 3 he was watching Sports Center instead of cartoons.  He is now working at his "dream" job... he works part-time for the sports department at The Herald Journal too!

Things I LOVE:
* Beef fajitas and Doritos or Cheetos... I love salt!
* Sports... the Dallas Cowboys - Utah Jazz and I know... I'm pretty redneck... but... I love NASCAR too. Dale Jr and Martin Truex are my favorite drivers!
* Crafting and learning new techniques
* Rainbows... why would anyone want the pot of gold... when they could have the rainbow?
* Purple... I'm a purple girl!
* Playing my guitar... country songs are all I know
* Country music... it Rocks! (is that an oxymoron?)
* Blogging!

Things I don't LOVE:
* Spiders... and all things creepy crawly
* Seafood
* Dogs - they scare me
* Cleaning... I would much rather be in my studio...creating!
* Shoveling snow... and I live in Utah... go figure
* Clothes shopping

Here is wishing all of my bloggy friends a very wonderful and prosperous 2011! 
Happy New Year everyone!
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