Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Printables...

Back in January Krista at While He Was Sleeping posted this great Valentine Subway Art.  I was so excited...especially since my "craft time" has been fewer and fewer the past 2 months... I printed it off on white cardstock... and then had some fun with my Stickles.  I absolutely love these shiny bottles of fun... The colors I used were Christmas Red, Platinum, Pink, Magenta, Lavender and Silver. I started at the top and moved my way down the page - changing colors with each new word.
I wanted to jazz up the frame some since I put it in a white frame (I already had on hand... and it was printed on white cardstock.  I found some berries... and if you look real close... they look like hearts (maybe it's just me... but I see hearts in everything!)
With my craft knife I started cutting away the large stem at the bottom of the berries... then each individual wire would come apart (since I didn't want the whole branch).
After I had all of the stems that I wanted and the height that I wanted... I twisted them together.
I cut off the extra wire (probably 1/2 inch or so) and folded the rest of the twisted stem to the side of the stem (that way it won't be hanging out below your flower. Have you ever seen glue dots this big?  They will hold anything together.  I added 2 glue dots to the back of the stem and placed it in the corner of the picture frame.
I took a large purple brad and anchored it onto the back of the Bazzill flower and then used a smaller glue dot to attached the small heart shaped button to the brad.
I added 2 more of the super large glue dots to the back of the flower and attached it on the top of the white stems.
I did this pink one for my mom for Valentines... now you can see the white stems look like they have hearts on them.  Thank you Krista for sharing your amazing talent!
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