Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Pot of Gold and Rainbow...

This picture shows the vinyl best...
This one shows how sparkly the rainbow is!
This one is a picture I had Josh take with his phone.
It's a good thing we both work at the same place

I have to admit... I've been feeling guilty... I know it's silly... but I do not have any St. Patrick's Day decorations any where in my house!   All of my cute bloggy friends all have been busy making their awesome green holiday decor.. and I have nothing! I used to decorate... have parties... and make treats! But the past 7 years (that's another story in itself) I have not done anything for this fun holiday...yes I still make sure to wear something green... even though I think that having green eyes counts as wearing green ;-)  I was thinking how bare my desk looked...I always have a basket ~ bucket or something on my desk at work filled with treats. I remembered I had a black pot tucked away in the closet (I re-discovered it when I was looking for anything red for my kitchen) and I thought I can redeem myself with this fun holiday! I cut the Happy St. Pat's Day out of vinyl on my Silhouette (the dark green is really hard to see and the curvature of the pot made it tricky putting the vinyl on). I made the rainbow from a Quickutz die... I added some Stickles for shimmer. I taped a skewer on the back of the rainbow... and stuck it in the Lifesavers...however the more I looked at it today... I didn't like having that stick in the middle... instead I broke it in half and taped it to the back of the rainbow on each side and stuck it in the treats... (last picture) I think it looks better... what do you think?
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