Saturday, April 9, 2011

Orange Slice Designs...

I had to show you that my talents don't just come from my mom.  These are a few of my dad's orange creations.  When my mom and I went to Boise a few weeks ago on the way home she called my dad to tell him when to expect us and asked if he would mind peeling her an orange.  I started teasing her about having dad do that... her comment was... you should see some of the designs he makes for me.  So I asked her to take some pictures so I could share them too! Here is a few of them!  On a different note about the men in my life... I have to laugh at Josh... he's been head vaccumer in our house lately and when I come home from work I'm excited to see  what design he has created in the carpet.  He does the same thing with our grass.. he mows it in different directions each and every time.  Thank you both for adding a smile to my day!
*** added 4/10/11 ~ my mom just informed me that my dad peals here an orange each and every day... and told me how much she enjoys his beautiful creations! ***
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