Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wood Easter Basket...

Last month while I was in Boise for meetings I made arrangements to meet my new "bloggy friend" Nicole.  She is a super talented wood designer and cuts each and every piece of wood herself. I noticed she had designed this super cute Easter basket and knew that I wanted one... well I got two... but I only have this one finished.  Nicole does amazing work and the best thing... she SHIPS... such a rare deal these days.  Check out Nicole's Sweet Pickle Design Blog and have her design something for you!

Since my time in Boise was so tight and I had to hurry back to Utah on Tuesday the only available time was Sunday afternoon.  I was greeted with a hug and I had the opportunity to visit with Nicole and her beautiful daughter, Avery.  The more we talked, the more things we found we had in common. A big thank you to Nicole's husband for being so patient with a "stranger" and to Nicole and Avery for being so kind! As soon as I can get the dust settled at work... I'm heading back to Boise for a girls craft weekend!

I traced and cut my scrapbook paper first and then inked the edges of the paper. I painted the whole basket in white.  I Modge Podged the paper to the wood and then applied a finish over the top to seal it. As you can tell I had a hard time deciding which picture I liked better... so the top one was taken outside... and it shows the ribbon behind the flower better.  The 2nd one looks cool because there is nothing in the background, but you can't see the ribbon.  The 3rd one has the bow with netting.  The last one shows the cool "grass" I used... I love the bright vibrant colors. 

I'm not really sure which way I like it better... with the bow or without... what do you think?  I can't decide.

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