Sunday, May 1, 2011

Smiley Face Bucket...

I have a friend at work who is the happiest person I know... his name is Clayne.  He always wears a smile... if you are feeling down... he always knows the right thing to say to bring a smile to your face.  Clayne is our biggest cheerleader at work.  We have High-Five Friday... which now includes the entire building! He starts in the back with display... jogs through the break room... to the girls in the front office... into the publishers office... out to us in Classifieds and then ends with editorial! Everyday he makes his rounds asking if we are Happy Campers and when he is headed back to his desk he will say Keep Smilin'.  So a few months back Kendra found a bright yellow bucket at work and they were going to toss it out... she asked if she could take it and then brought it to me (she knew I would love to vinyl it up).  I told Clayne about the bucket and what my idea was. I decided last week I was going to work on my "procrastination issues" and I wanted to get this project done.  I found the smiley face worked better on the black bucket instead... so I used the bright yellow vinyl and cut the face. I wanted to have keep smilin' on the top of the bucket too. I had found the ribbon a few weeks ago... and thought the colors would be prefect... and they were.  I used 8 different ribbons (the yellow and black flowered one pretty much took over).  Josh saw it and said... "it looks to girly" for Clayne. I filled it up with lifesavers and off to work it went.  Clayne loved it... girly ribbon and all!
I made these magnets for him for his birthday two years ago.

 Clayne... I know you will never read my blog... but I hope that somehow you will know just how important you are to The HJ and that all of think the world of you!
Keep Smilin' friend!

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