Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm Doing The Happy Dance!

I'm sooo stoked!  After 3.5 months of hating my "blog makeover" I finally figured out how to change the one thing that was bugging me the most... without the help of the blog-makeover person (I was getting no where fast with that idea).  Do you remember the stupid vertical lines that run down each side of my blog? They drove me crazy... it was right in the middle of my side bar stuff.  I tried everything! Friday night I finally decided I was prepared to make my blog look nice again no matter what the price (my sanity).  I did the back up... and then make sure that I saved each and every one of the sidebar blogs that I love so much (as to not loose them all again ~ as I did when I had the makeover done in the first place).  I have played with the html codes in the past... and I quite like figuring out the codes... but nothing would make the lines disappear.  I started pulling everything off... and low and behold... the vertical lines went bye-bye and I didn't lose a thing from my blog... that is why I am now doing the happy dance!
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