Friday, July 1, 2011

Not Crafty... but Super Fun...

Me and Dana Williams of Diamond Rio...
 Dana Williams
 Jimmy Olander
 Marty Roe
Dan Truman
 From left to right... Gene Johnson ~ Brian Prout ~ Marty Roe
and Dana Williams

Diamond Rio is going to be performing at Freedom Fire at the USU Romney Stadium tonight...(it's after midnight that I am posting this).  Josh has been working all week getting the fireworks ready for the big show.  The boys were hungry and thirsty.. so I dropped off some pizza and pop.  Josh showed me the Diamond Rio bus next to where we were standing... then he gave me his "pass" into the stadium and told me to go enjoy.. so I did!  I watched the other performers along with the American Festival Chorus and orchestra in rehearsals.  I have to admit... I was in my heaven!  I got to take a picture with Dana Williams and stand about 10 feet away from the stage while Diamond Rio did their sound check for 60 minutes... so much fun... I can't wait for the big show from them tonight along with the awesome fireworks display put on by Fireworks West... 
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