Monday, July 4, 2011

Patriotic Pretzels...

All netted up ~ ready for delivery!
 The sticks...
 Mass production... almost 2 full bags dipped!

Mom and dad decided that since Kendra and I had so much fun decorating the pretzels... they wanted to help too! The plan was for mom and I to dip... and Dad and Kendra to decorate.  Kendra decorated all of the twists... but my dad has a lot of talent too so I moved over to the table so that he could decorate the sticks... I think he did a great job! The cute bowls I found at Hobby Lobby and with some netting in a "+" way then tied with a cute polka dot ribbon.  What a fun neighbor/family gift for the 4th of July holiday! Guess which holiday is next... Halloween... and I can decorate using my favorite color ... purple!
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