Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wildman Wedding Sign...

Payden has been Josh's best friend and my "bonus" son forever... I don't remember a time that Payd hasn't been in our lives! They played sports (they played everything) together... worked at Fireworks West packing and setting up firework shows... served missions together... yes their farewell and welcome home as well as the day they entered the Mission Training Center (I refer to it as the MTC ~ Moms Torture Chamber... but that's a story for another day!) and the day they came home were just hours apart (how many friends can say that?) ~ they double dated ~ watched The Office ~ spent countless hours talking ~ texting and playing video games.  It was a hard day when Payd and Kat were married... not because I wasn't happy for them... but that's when it sunk in that Payden wouldn't just come to the house any random time and visit or raid the cookie jar. He has been accepted to the University at Buffalo in the dental program.  I'm so proud of him and wish he and Kat all the happiness ~ they both deserve it!

I thought it would be fun to make them a wedding sign to hang up in their new home in Buffalo... Kat loves turquoise and purple.  I painted the board purple and then used my new Cameo to cut the purple vinyl.  I decided that instead of their names in turquoise I would do the lettering in white to make it "pop".  I added a claw to the back for hanging... and voila!

They were so cute and even sent me a picture of it hanging up in their apartment!  I love you guys!
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