Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stickles ~ On A Dress...?

 What happened after it was dry cleaned for the first time... no more gold...

It's been a while since I blogged... lots of "life things" have happened in the last year... my son got married... I got married... my dad passed away and I finally after years of pain got my left knee replaced and looking forward to the right one in August! Enough about that... I figured I better get caught back up and show you some of the crafty things I have done in the past year!

I bought this cute knit dress and the thing that I loved about it was the gold shimmer on the palm trees.  This is the front of the dress and there is also a cute palm tree in a smaller version on the lower right side of the jacket... I was sick when I picked the dress up from the cleaners to discover the gold was missing.  One day while I was playing with my stickles I thought... I wonder if it would work on the dress... you can see in the first picture there was still a "dried glue line" so I just followed that... and let it dry over night... just like new!

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