Sunday, August 20, 2017

Missionary Farewell or Dad's Day Tie Shaped Rice Krispie Treats

 My cousin's son was leaving on an LDS mission and asked that I make some of
the Tie Treats for his farewell... we had so much fun making Jaden's we had to say yes!
My Uncle is a huge Dallas Cowboy's fan so I had to make a few that had
the Cowboys star ;-)
 I bought a cookie cutter in the shape of a tie and then just buttered the mold inside
and pressed the Rice Krispies right into the mold.  I discovered that if I sprayed the
waxed paper when I turned the cutter over so that the "finger pressing" was on
the bottom then the top had a very flat surface.  It was easier to spread the
melted chocolate disks on the top with a brush.
 Then I added melted white chocolate chips as the decoration. 
Since I don't cake decorate much... you can tell my hand got tired very quickly. 
The kids enjoyed them so that's all the really matters!

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