Saturday, August 7, 2010


The finished product!
I sanded the letters first...
I decided that I wanted scrapbook paper on the top of each letter... 2 blue... 2 red and a white paper that combined the 2 colors! I put the letter face down on the BACK of the paper and traced around the edge.
I painted the letters the color that matched the paper
A light coating of Modge Podge for paper on both the back of the scrapbook paper and the top of the letter. Quickly adhere the paper to the letter and smooth out all of the air bubbles! I let them dry for 10 minutes or so and then went back with a nail file and filed off the edges of the scrapbook paper... some letters were a little bigger than the letter... and I wanted a white edge around the outside.
A final coat of sealer was applied to the entire letter and also on the scrapbook paper...
Another late project getting done... but I love to have my Patriotic decoration out until the first of September... so I still have a few weeks to enjoy! I bought all of the wood from the Wood Connection in Salt Lake City... I love the shadow box and I am looking forward to having something new in it for each of the seasons...
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