Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Graffiti Board

Have you ever played on Wordle? If you haven't... you are missing out! It's fun to make word "clouds"! Last year I did one with our favorite players from the Dallas Cowboys (you can see this one on my personal blog) So I thought... why not try and make something with all of our family names... now mind you... I am an only child and Josh is an only child too... so I decided to start with my dad's parents... Arthur Lawrence Johnson and Clara Wilhelmina Speth and my mom's parents... Boyd LeRoy Larsen and Carole Ione Nielsen then my parents Blaine Loyal and Sharon Kae then me Vicki Carole (since Carole was already on the board I didn't use it again) Since Josh's dad and I were divorced when he was 2... I didn't put any of "his" side of the family... but I did include his first, middle and last name and last, but not least... my sweet boy Joshua and that is our family "graffiti" board. I started out with a 16 x 16 white painters canvass I have had laying around for a few years now...and painted it black. I didn't like the blue colors of the vinyl I had on hand... so I decided to use Bazzill cardstock.  I did cut the lettering with my Silhouette... have I told you... (I know I've been saying that in all of my posts The "fun" part was trying to decide where to put each name. After I had that figured out... I started at the corners and glued those names down... then I moved to the bottom and worked my way up the canvass. Since I didn't use vinyl... I used the blue painters tape to put my letters on so that they would be somewhat straight and put the glue on the back of the letters and pressed down... and slowly pealed back the tape while trying to make the letters stick to the canvass.. again... not easy when you don't have anything to press down on in the back of the canvass... Does that make sense?  After all of the letters were applied I added 2 light coats of  Modge Podge...if nothing else... it helped keep the letters attached! Voila!

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