Friday, February 4, 2011

88... It's My Favorite!

Did I ever told you that my favorite number is 
It used to be 3 or 8 (even before my love of NASCAR started and my "crush" on Dale Jr...he still single... hummm just kidding mom... I would love to take a spin in his ride though!) Sorry... I got of the subject there...  I just wanted to give a big shout out to all of my bloggy followers...
You Rock!
It's been a long 6 weeks (no time to craft... or I'm just plain exhausted when I get home from work... so nothings been done! So I was pretty stoked tonight when I looked at my blog and guess what... I have 88 followers... my new friend, Jenn, at All Dahled Up gave me that magic number... Thanks for a wonderful Friday surprise! I'm getting back on track... slowly but surely!


Lyndsey said...

well now you are 89.. I am sorry I wasn't following you before- I am bad at remembering to do that:) You GO GIRL!!!!

Saimi said...