Thursday, July 21, 2016

Aggie Pride !!!

We have 5 very special birthdays from June 27th - July 25th ... and we wanted to
celebrate them all!  I wanted to find a fun gift for each of them...and when Todd
and I went shopping at Wood Creations in West Haven...
 this one caught our eye.  I didn't have a lot of time to get the gifts ready so I
bought the vinyl that was already cut and ready to go.
I did two of these... one for Suzette - my "sister from another mister" and our
long time good friend Dave. Dave and Suzette both graduated from USU and
Suzette has been working for USU for over 25 years... so she is a die-hard
Aggie fan! Dave moved back to Logan after several years away and loves
attending all of the Aggie games he can.  Todd and Dave especially love
the football and basketball games they can go to together!
I painted the wood blocks with 3 coats of Ceramcoat navy blue paint... 
then applied the vinyl. I had Todd drill a hole in the top for the wood topper
(I honestly don't remember what they are called) used wood glue to hold it in
place and added 3 different ribbons tied in a bow.
It was awesome listening to the "banter" after they opened their gifts... as to which
school is better... Ahhhh ~ we know the answer to that... Utah State!
Happy Crafting ~ Vicki
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