Saturday, August 5, 2017

Target Easter Baskets

Not having a Target in our town...
I was stoked to find these cuties on a trip to Twin Falls, Idaho to see Shoshone Falls.
They only had two that were in good shape... the rest had been pretty picked over
but that worked perfectly since I have 2 beautiful grandbabies!
I painted them both in an off white paint and then added Enamel Dots for their eyes...
chalk for the ears and nose... I couldn't find any small wood pieces
I could use for their noses... but I will be adding that for next year.
Cute pink and purple ribbons to each and a cute white pompom for the tail.
 I also added colored crinkled paper in the bottom.
Next year I will also add their names to the sides with vinyl.
Happy Crafting!
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